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"Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it." Proverbs 22:6

  Grades Pre K - 3  Kids of the King
  Meets every Saturday evening after worship in the sanctuary.
  Grades 4 - 6   The Faith Walkers
  Meets every Saturday evening after worship in the sanctuary.

Our Goal for your child

We encourage your child to recognize their talents and abilities as they grow to become confident within their own self. Our goal for your child is that they will grow with love and morality in their heart and become a strong and compassionate person who can accomplish all things through Christ Jesus our Lord.

Each week our children meet in their own classrooms during the regular 7pm service. You are welcome to attend our service in the main sanctuary while your child enjoys an unforgettable evening.

Class Time

  • Biblical curriculum that is age appropriate.
  • Learning about the exciting lives of God's people as examples in trusting in God at all times.
  • Study of the moral principles that guide children as they grow.
  • Fun activities and crafts with children of the same age-group.

Youth Events

Your child is welcome to join their friends for a wide variety of fun activities held monthly, quarterly, and yearly. All are welcome to come and fellowship with us. Most of our events are held within our Crofton / Gambrills church building, while others are scheduled as a field trip to a nearby location. Parents and guardians are encouraged to join us for a great time out!
  • Children's Game Night full of fun activities, games, and skits. (Held the last Saturday of every month )
  • Bowling Outings
  • Pool Parties
  • Miniature Golf Games
  • Zoo Trips
  • Children's Easter Play
  • Children's Easter Choir
  • Children's Christmas Play
  • Children's Christmas Choir

/files/Icons/Calendar Icon.jpg   Check the Celebrate Life Calendar under the "Youth Events" category for our next exciting Youth Event!

/files/Icons/help_icon.gif   For more information about quarterly Youth Events contact our Youth Events Director.

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Grade School