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Who I am in Jesus Christ:
This is the the Word of God
I am what it says I am,
I have what it says I have,
I will become, what it says I will become,
I'll do what it instructs me to do,
My mind is alert,
My spirit is receptive,
I receive God's inerrant,
Incorruptible Word,
Into my mind and spirit today.

I have a relationship with my Father God,
I have made Jesus my Lord,
The Holy Spirit is my teacher,
My counselor and my comforter.
I am born-again, healed in my soul and body,
delivered from all bondage's.
I am learning how to prosper,
I am learning to live in obedience to my Father's will.
I live in abundant life.

Thank You, LORD JESUS, I will never be the same.

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